Do not Throw away your old computer

Microsoft Win 7 upgrade advisor | Microsoft Win 8 upgrade advisor | Microsoft products Lifecycles

If you have problems with / upgrade advisor / cannot upgrade / cannot afford it ???

We Have Other Options...

Please Remember...
Older computers may need more memory !!!
And maybe bigger Harddrives !!!

PC Operating Systems for PC Computers and they are FREE
We tested them and found they are GOOD
For Desktops and laptops
Please check them out

1. PCLinuxOS Operating System

PClinuxOS LXDE Desktop
PClinuxOS Mate Desktop
PclinuxOS for newcomers
PclinuxOS Wiki page
PclinuxOS Help and Support
PclinuxOS more info
2. Ubuntu Operating System

Take the tour of ubuntu

Ubuntu certified pc hardware list
Download Ubuntu for Desktops and Laptops

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