Screenshots Snipping and Voice Tools

VSDC Free Screen Recorder Software
Image Resizer for Window

Vista and Win 7 Home Basic use Prt Src Key on your Desktop keyboard and MS-Paint
Laptop users, Press FN+PrtSC Keys or Alt+PrtSc Keys on your keyboard to capture the picture
Open Paint and Paste it, Have Fun

Win 8.1 | Win 10, Have a new tool called Screenshots, Press + PrtSc Key on your keyboard

Its saves a Screenshot in a folder in Pictures

A quicker way to create screenshots for Win 8.1 and Win 10
Now lets talk about the Snipping Tool

Download Snipping Tool Shortcut | Download Paint Tool Shortcut

Download Shortcut and Save, Then Open folder and Copy and Paste to Desktop

Flip a picture for Iron Transfer

Check out Paint.Net for flip and more editing tools

Paint.Net Download

Let's Play

Click on, Snip tool Icon and let's play

Snipping Tool Options

How to Resize Pictures the easy way

Download Image Resizer, This tool used to be WinXP Powertool Add-on Free

Image Resizer for Windows

Download Image Resizer, This tool used to be WinXP Powertool Add-on

Image Resizer for Windows

Ms-Paint and on your Desktop keyboard the PrtSc/SysRq Keys
If you are on a laptop press FN+PrtSC Keys

Save it, Then go back to pictures to Edit, Have Fun

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