Disk Clean-up / Defrag The good Stuff

Disk Cleanup for Windows operating systems
Delete Old Restore points
There is a fix for Vista Restore Points at end of page

How to Defrag your computer:

How to setup Automatic Disk cleanup

• Select Drive shows up and says Drive C: pop-ups, Click OK

• Disk Clean-up will open up, sometime it is slow,

With Win 7 - Win 10 The Big Surprise

• Disk Clean-up for Drive C: will appear, now make sure every, Box is Checked.

• Delete Old Restore points

• Look for More Options tab, now look for System Restore read it first, then Click OK

Disk Cleanup pops-up, Click YES
Click OK, and then, Click YES
This may take some time please be patience Thank you. Restart Computer

Good Job Your Done

Click the Icon and Run from here

Check Recycle Bin first How to Fix it
Cleanup Old Recent files

This is a fix for Vista Restore Points only

If still having Trouble Try

Harddrive Repair

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