Delete old Junk Files

Download and Run / Delete Recent docsDelete Recent office docsDelete PrefetchScan for old dead links

Cleanup Hotfix for Vista • Windows 7 does not have one

ok Junk Files you can safely Delete
Go thru your, Documents, Pictures, Music folders, and, E-mail, best time to clean them up.
Back-up Documents, Music, E-mail to a CD or Dvd, and delete them from your computer

ok Shortcut Icons
Right click on icon and look for properties and click it, and read it
look for Find Target and click it, if not there, Delete it.

ok Old software or games, Java updates
Go to, Control Panel Look at, Add or Remove Programs
Write them down and, Delete them.

ok Temp files
Go to c:\windows\temp folder and Delete .tmp files older then a week old.

ok Minidump files
Go to c:\windows\Minidump folder and Delete files.

ok Softwaredistribution\Download files
Go to c:\windows\Softwaredistribution\Download folder and Delete files.

ok Prefetch files
Click me, or go to c:\windows\prefetch folder and Delete files.

ok Media player history
Go to windows media player and click library and go to more options
Click it, go to privacy tab, uncheck history, and clear history, click Apply.

ok Old Registry files
This is the best registry cleaner repair tool for winxp,

ok Disk Cleanup and Defrag
Whenever you install or uninstall any software, please run, , this helps deleted files clean up faster.

ok Delete Old programs
we need to go to start and click it then go to, Search and Click, all files and folders.
Type in the Name of the Program, now look for the box that says look in, Drive (c:) then click, Search, some files might show up.
All these are the files that are suppose to be Deleted, if they are not, Delete them, repeat as needed.
Restart computer and run, Disk Cleanup and Defrag.

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